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Type of inclusion found

Included Crystal: a solid crystal or a liquid like, often angular inclusion.

Chip ( Ch. ) : Small damaged area (usually at the girdle)
Indented natural ( IndN ) : A dark included crystal or a hole opening inside a Gem.
Cloud ( Cld ) : Any hazy or milky area inside the gem.
Feather ( Ftr ) : Feathery appearance, often a white plane of minute included crystal.
Pinpoint ( Pp ) : Very small, light or dark included crystal (occurring as a dot or dots).
Needle ( Ndl ) : Long and thin included crystal or a fine parallel silk inclusion.
Nick ( Nk ) : A Small opening or damaged on a polished surface (normally at the girdle of Gem).
Bruise ( Br ) : Surface crumbling, often accompanied by tiny, root-like feathers.
Cavity ( Cv ) : A large or deep opening.

Some descriptive words that are occasionally used:

Words Description and examples
Atoll, halo or fried egg Included mineral and its encircling tension cracks or the fluid remnants around a cavity or crystal, for example in corundum.
Bamboo Actinolite crystal, for example in emerald.
Centipede Intersecting cleavage cracks in moonstone.
Feather or fingerprint ( Fpt ) A partially healed fracture or fissure, or a group of small particles trapped during the natural growth process or synthesis.
Horse-tail or pony-tail Fibrous inclusions radiating from a nucleus in demantoid garnet.
Lily pads or water lily pads Partially healed tension cracks around a crystal or cavity, in peridot.
Needle Thin rod-like crystal inclusion.
Rain Thin straight tubes orientated parallel to each other in beryl.
Silk Fine rutile inclusions that may cause a hazy appearance in the stone, seen in corundum.
Snowflake Whitish crystallites on a dark background in obsidian.
Snow-stars Liquid droplets radially disposed around a crystal inclusion, for example in beryl.
Sun spangles or spangles Tension cracks resulting in a radial pattern, for example in amber.
Tiger stripes or zebra stripes Ribbon-like rows of partial healing along twinning planes in quartz.
Trichites (Hair like) Fine fluid inclusions often joined together in a web, seen in tourmaline, these may be two phase.