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Clarity plotting is to judged in terms of both inclusion and blemishes.

Clarity : Penetrating or enclosed within the Gem.

Blemish : Strictly to/on the surface of the Gem

Five(5) Factor system of explaining Gems pricing.

  • Size of inclusion.
  • Location (position)
  • Quantity (Number) of inclusion
  • Type (of inclusion) :
  • Contrast (relief & color) :

Inclusion :

Some descriptive words that are occasionally used:

Included Crystal : a solid crystal or a liquid like, often angular inclusion.
Chip : Small damaged area (usually at the girdle)
Indented natural : A dark included crystal or a hole opening inside a Gem.
Cloud : Any hazy or milky area inside the gem.
Feather or fingerprint : A partially healed fracture or fissure, or a group of small particles trapped during the natural growth process or synthesis.
Pinpoint : Very small, light or dark included crystal (occurring as a dot or dots)
Needle: Thin rod-like crystal inclusion or a fine parallel silk inclusion.
Nick : a Small opening or damaged on a polished surface ( at the girdle of Gem).
Bruise : Surface crumbling, often accompanied by tiny, root-like feathers.
Cavity : A large or deep opening.
Horse-tail or pony-tail: Fibrous inclusions radiating from a nucleus in demantoid garnet.
Snowflake: Whitish crystallites on a dark background in obsidian.