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Internal Fracture (inclusion) A - B
1. A separation or break due to either cleavage or fracture, often white and feathery in appearance. Feather (Ftr) -
2. A hazy or milky area made up of a number of very small inclusions. Cloud (Cld) -
3. A mineral crystal contained in a diamond. Included Crystal (Xtl) -
4. A dark or color natural mineral crystal that penetrates in a diamond. Indented Natural (IndN) -
5. A tiny tube made by a laser; the surface opening may resemble a pit, while the tube usually resembles a needle. Laser Drill Hole (LDH) -
6. A very small inclusion; under 10X, normally seen as a tiny singly dot. Pinpoint ((Pp)) -
7. A very small inclusion; under 10X, normally seen as a tiny group of dot. Pinpoint Group ((Pg)) -
8. Internal indications of irregular crystal growth; may appear milky, like faint lines or streaks, or may be colored or reflective. Internal Graining ((IntGr)) -
9. A long, thin, included crystal which looks like a tiny rod. Needle ((Ndl)) -
10. A cloudy area produced by crystal structure distortion, usually associated with twinning planes. Twinning planes ((Tp)) -
11. Tiny feathers extending in from a bruted girdle. Grace Form Berding ((GB)) -

External Fracture (Blemishes) A - B
1. Surface crumbling, often accompanied by tiny, root-like feathers. Bruise (Br) -
2. A large or deep opening. Cavity (Cv) -
3. A linear indentation normally seen as a fine white line, curved or straight. Scratch (S) -
4. Tiny nicks along facet junctions, producing white fuzzy lines instead of sharp facet edges. Abrasion (Abr) -
5. A notch near the culet or a facet edge Culette (C) -
6. Tiny feathers like, extending on the surface around the girdle. Bearding (BG) -
7. A notch, often a small or shallow opening usually on the girdle edge. Chip (Ch) -
8. Tiny parallel lines left by polishing; fine parallel ridges confined to as ingle facet, cause by crystal structure irregularities; or tiny, parallel, polished grooves produced by irregularities in the scaife surface. Polish Lines (PL) -
9. Surface clouding caused by excessive heat (also called burn mark or burned facet), or uneven polished surface resulting from structural irregularities. Polish Mark (PM) -
10. A facet placed without regard for symmetry and not required by the cutting style. Extra Facets (EF) -
11. Part of the original crystal surface remaining on the polished stone. Natural (N) -
12. Surface indication or structural irregularity; may resemble fain facet junction lines, or cause a grooved or wavy surface; often crosses facet junctions. Surface Graining (SGr) -

CLARITY: (The degree to which a stone is free from external marks called blemishes and internal features called inclusions). There are eleven GIA clarity grades, which are defined in the chart below: