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Gem origin, nowadays, is an important criteria for the price in the gems market. AGL is also investigating the trace of gems origin to report in the certification. Responsibility for doing researches as well as gathering and analysing information about domestic and international gem and jewellery markets to build a database.

Country of Origin

Country of origin determination has become an important service provided by gemological laboratories.

All gemstones have the same origin deep within the earth. In most cases, a difference in the place of origin implies a subtle difference in identifying characteristic and combination of properties; color, inclusion and possibly even quality. ( Characteristic inclusions for gemstone from different sources have subtle differences.)

The “AGL Thai” Gemological Laboratory are experienced gemologists and also carefully graded, tested, examined and analyzed the stone by means of specialized advanced instrument available at the Laboratory at the time of examination. They have drawn up the report according to the highest professional standards.

However, Gemstone types which have similar characteristic, but come from different countries. It was possible to identity a gemstones geographical origin and sometime even the exact countries ( mine ) it came from based on gemstones inclusions rather than using its overall appearance.

Clients should be aware that differences in opinion between one lab and another might arise. This is because the geologic conditions in one place sometimes overlap with similar conditions in other place.